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Project 365 - Day 9

This image was a little different for me. As I was walking along the beach, I noticed this little toy truck. I have boys so I know what it's like to lug trucks, legos, and action figures everywhere. If you saw my car you too would understand. When I saw this little toy truck, there was no owner in sight, and I thought to myself how many times I have gone somewhere and my son forgot a toy he had brought with him, only to find out when we were long gone that he had left it. The meltdown that occurred afterwards, followed by the, "We can get a new one next time we're out," to appease the toddler is what I felt when I saw this lonely truck along the beach. How it's owner must have been missing it. It didn't matter the value because to some little child that toy was important enough to bring along with them on their outing. If the child is anything like mine he forgot all about it by the next day, and you forget your promise to get them another one, only to get reminded about it on the next beach outing and the whole meltdown all over again.

Toy truck Araha Beach

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