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Project 365 - Day 19

Why wouldn't there be breweries in Okinawa? Something I didn't even consider coming here. Not too far from my residence is the Chatan Harbor Brewery right along the Chatan Harbor. I felt underdressed walking in there until I passed a couple of men walking out in board shorts and tank tops. The menu and setting feels upscale/business casual but considering the local consumers there is no dress code. I was not impressed with the food. I ordered a cajun chicken and spinach penne pasta. The ingredients were fresh, and the noodles actually made there, but the portion was small and it was not cajun at all. It was more like a tomato Italian inspired style than anything. The food is atypical of breweries in the states. No burgers or pretzels with beer cheese.

The beer, however, was delicious. I ordered a Hefeweizen and it was better than one of my favorite brewery's hefs back in the states. Bring your wallet because a dinner for two here with one beer each ran us $80. I will return, but maybe for happy hour with just beer and appetizers.

(ISO 1250 24mm f/3 1/25sec)

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