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Project 365 - Day 7

For my Day 7 I chose to do a photo of my son. He absolutely hates photos and runs away every time he sees me with my camera, and I can't get him to stand still or stop making goofy faces when he does want a photo. Honestly he is no different from any of child I've photographed, you just have to be patient and get the shot as soon as you see it. The day was actually quite overcast and I didn't have a reflector or my flash to bounce light back onto his face but overall I am happy with how it turned out.

Watching him grow has been amazing for me. It seems like just yesterday he was a year old standing on the beach in Southern California, now he's almost 7 and has the attitude of a teenager. He has his own style and his own personality and that's what I love about him most. He isn't afraid to be himself and he's unapologetically stubborn. I guess he gets that from me.

Some of you might be wondering if the water is really that blue-green. Yes it is. It is extremely clear. It's a tropical island, and areas where there isn't coral you can see the light sands underneath. It is so beautiful. There are tons of these rock formations in the water too. It is very cool to see. I took a picture of a pirate ship, I might do a composite on these rocks with that ship at a later date. Afterall, not every image is one that is simply taken.

(settings ISO 100 44mm f 3.5 1/1600sec dodging on skin to brighten it up)

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