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Project 365 - Day 3

Today, in between feeding and nap time, I timed low-tide for my area and decided to head out on the coral to see what creatures were left behind. There were plenty of tide pools left behind, but I must say I was not impressed with the variety of creatures. There were literally thousands of sea stars of the same type in my picture of the day, and almost as many of what I assume were sea cucumbers, but I'm not too certain. I was hoping for some awesome looking starfish, sand dollars, colorful pant life, but nothing but brown and black ugly creatures. I was lucky enough to find 500 yen on the coral, which is about 5 USD. I'll attempt the low tide in another are to see what it brings me at another date.

Brittle sea Star

(settings ISO 100 60mm f/3.0 1/640sec white balance and exposure corrected)

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