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Project 365 Day 10

When I'm out I always take notice of my surroundings, but in my mind I'm not noticing things for what they are, but rather what they could be. I have myself trained to think like a photographer. My husband gets annoyed because I say things like, "This would be perfect to put a baby in," or, "This is a great spot, the lighting is perfect and it would work well for a family shoot." He just rolls his eyes and keeps walking. Don't get me wrong he supports my passion very much, but he doesn't share my enthusiasm.

Sometimes as a photographer, you have to work with what you are given. I'm sure you all have seen photos with gorgeous fields and a family or mother sitting in the field, and the picture just looks gorgeous. I have yet to find some fields like that here in Okinawa. I'm sure there are, but for now here is what I found. A small patch of greenery on the beach in Araha. From one perspective it looks like this ugly little patch, and would never work to provide you with the image you are looking for, but there's ways to fake it. This image is of that patch and the water in the background, to me it would be perfect. It's all about angles and lighting.

wild grass araha beach

(settings ISO 100 60mm f 3.2 1/640sec)

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