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Project 365- Day 4

Four days in and I'm already cheating. Not really, but it wasn't an image taken today, so yes! What can I say, life happens, but I'm still here providing you an image of one of my favorite things to take a picture of... Cloudy skies. I'm sure this image will end up as someone's overlay, heck maybe I should create my own pack of sky overlays to sell. I've seen so many sky overlays that don't work because they are literally a portion of the sky. In my sky shots, if it's not a crazy cloud, I try to include the horizon, which is how I framed this shot. The horizon is actually the bottom edge of the frame. I took this image on the beach during what was pretty much an overcast day, but then the sn started to peek through the clouds and warm up the area. Just as its rays were shining so beautifully through, I snapped this shot. You don't get many days like this :)

Cloudy sky

(settings ISO 100 25mm f/8.0 1/1250sec edited with haze reduction and white gradients to lighten dark corners)

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