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Project 365 - Day 1

Today I decided that I would set off on a journey to watch myself grow, and do what I love: share with you a little bit of my world and what inspires me. This is a 365 day project that will showcase an image every day. This project is a personal commitment I am making to grab my camera every day and practice my craft. The more I shoot, the better I become, and that is a great thing for my clients.

What you can expect from me from this project are images of local areas, my children and family, work for clients, people, places, and things, anything that inspires me really. It could be food, a tiny flower, a landscape, or an unsuspecting person on the street. I will also provide settings, some editing details, and a small description of the image and why I chose it. So follow along with me and feel free to share your photos as well.

Day 1

(settings ISO 100 60mm f/2.8 1/800sec - edited to have a retro grain)

My first image is a palm tree at Araha Beach in Okinawa, Japan. My family moved here just 3 short months ago, and getting to know the island is daunting. We will be spending the next 3 years here, but I have already fallen in love with the beauty of the island.

Today's temperature was a breezy 67 degrees, but it was perfect for the beach. There weren't many people about. The water was so calm and perfectly clear blue like it normally is. The sands just on the other side of the grass is so white and a mixture of the cleanest sand I have every seen and crushed coral and shells. There is a pirate ship for kids to play on and rock formations in the water. It is just beautiful. Then there are some trees lined up in a small orchard fashion.

This palm tree caught my attention because it was by itself away from the others. It made me wonder if it was planted, like so many are in the states, or if had grown there naturally. In many ways this tree is a metaphor for how I see myself. I was planted here on this island, isolated from family and friends, but peaceful and strong, so it was the perfect image to start my journey. I can't wait to explore more of this place and share its beauty with you.

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