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What to Wear: 5 tips on how to dress for your session

When it’s time to finally take family photos, the first thing that typically crosses our minds is what do we want to wear? The first thing we think of is to have everyone matching. Yes, I am guilty of this too. The old white top and jeans. Sure, it’s simple to find that for everyone, but it really doesn’t appeal to the eye in photographs. If you are looking to modernize your photos and stop living in the past with matching outfits use these simple tips to help idealize the perfect wardrobe for your family’s photos.

  1. Coordinate outfits, but please don’t match! Pick 3 to 4 Colors for your group to wear. Use varying styles, layers, and textures to offset the colors. This allows individuals to let their styles and personalities show through their clothing while still coordinating with the rest of the group. Sometimes you can find clothing collections available at stores that will allow multiple members of families to coordinate.

  2. Patterns are in If you can find patters that have your coordinating colors they can go great with the photo. A nice plaid shirt, or a cute flower dress will break up the solids in a photo. Try not to have everyone in solids or everyone in patterns, though. Too much will be distracting in the photo and take the focus off the people and put it on their attire.

  3. Add accessories Accessories can help the outfits tie in with one another as well. For example, if Dad is Wearing a red blue and grey plaid shirt, mom can wear that blue dress with a red necklace and red heels, while their daughter has on a red dress with blue bows. You want to pick accessories that go with your colors, but, like the patterns, do not distract from the photos.

  4. Think about where these photos will hang in your house. Photos are great accessories to your home, so just as you coordinate outfits with one another, you may want to coordinate your look with your home’s interior You do not want your photos to include bright colors if where you are hanging it is neutral tone.

  5. Think about where you are taking your photos. Are you taking photos by the ocean, in a wheat field, or in the woods? You don’t want your outfit to blend in with the surroundings. Try to pick colors that will stand out or coordinate with your surroundings to create a nice pop or a timeless photo.

Finally, I recommend that you plan your outfits ahead of time. You do not want to run into a situation where something does not fit because you washed it and it shrunk, nor do you want to run to the store last minute just to find they do not have the dress you were hoping to wear in your size.

Here's an example of how to apply the 5 tips to your family. These colors work great in just about any location during the spring or summer.

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