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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer payment plans ?

Yes! 3 - 6 month payment plans are available with your first payment due at the time of your reveal session. Once the second to last payment has been made, your products will be ordered. Products are delivered to you upon receipt of final payment and prouct arrival.  

Will I be able to print my images ?

Yes! If you order digital files, those images will come with a print release allowing you to print to your heart’s content at your favorite places. I recommend

What’s the difference between the products you offer and the ones I can order somewhere else ?

I work with a variety of professional labs to offer you the best quality you can find. The products I offer are custom, hand made, and built to last. These products are only available to professionals and are of better quality than consumer labs. My prints are offered on unique surfaces with colors that are guaranteed to last up to 200 years before degradation. Your great-grandchildren will enjoy these photos as if they were purchased today. If you want images from old sessions to match in quality, let’s get those ordered through my offerings too!

How long does it take to get our products ?

In the United States artwork typically takes 3-4 weeks from the time of order. Overseas locations orders typically take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Shipping times are affected by the method of shipment used by the lab or vendor, rush orders may be available for certain products. Once your products arrive, I inspect them carefully to ensure there are no faults and contact you for personal delivery. I will even help you hang them if you need.

How Many People does our session include ?

Your session is for immediate family up to 6 people. Each additional person is $35. Please contact me if you have a large group.

What if I Dislike my images ?

I strive to present you with the very best I have to offer, but sometimes that falls short. Please contact me in the event that you are displeased with your images. In certain scenarios, as outlined in our contract, I may be able to offer you a reshoot at no additional charge. My work is very important to me, and I want you to be as happy as I am, so please browse my gallery and ensure that my style is a good fit for you.


What if The weather is bad ?

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be at times. In the event the weather is undesirable, I will contact you to schedule a new session within two weeks.

What if someone is sick?

Life happens! If I am sick or a member of your group is sick, we can reschedule the session within two weeks.  

What if my children are having a bad day and won’t cooperate?

I have been there too! If during the session I feel that your darlings are just not up to it through my capabilities, I will recommend you return for another shoot when they are feeling up to it. Only I will make this determination, and I ask that you please follow my guide for helpful tips to make the session as stress-free as possible!  

Have you received any training for handling newborns?

Yes! I have taken workshops that have provided special training on positioning and handling of newborns that way your precious one will remain safe in my care.  A parent will always act as an assistant so that you ensure your baby’s needs are met and a hand is on baby at all times. I am always learning a growing, so as new techniques come out I will attend training on those as well.

The location I want requires an entrance fee or permit for photography, who takes care of that?

It is not uncommon for locations to require special fees or permits for photography. It is the responsibility of the client to secure all permissions and fees including parlking. Failure in doing so that results in a fine will be the client’s responsibility.  


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