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New Bern's Premier
Family & Children Photographer

Allie Cline 


...because every picture tells a story,
and each story deserves to be heard.

Your Creative Experience


Allie Cline Photography phone consult
Discovery Call + Consultation

I will call you to discuss your hopes for your session, my processes and determine if it is the perfect fit for you. We'll chat about custom artwork, locations, style advice, and scheduling availability. We'll arrange a planning session to help ensure that you're well prepared for your session.

Allie Cline Photography portrait session
Creative Portrait Session

This is where the fun happens. I will capture you or your family with every detail in mind, guiding you through a mixture of prompts and poses to create an extraordinary gallery of images for you to review and select. 

Allie Cline Photography art ordering
Image Reveal + Ordering

In one to two weeks you will get to view your image proofs in the comfort of your home or agreed upon location. You will be able to view and hold luxury products and artwork and decide on your final images to purchase and be edited in my signature rich, nostalgic storyteller style.

Allie Cline Photography delivery

Sit back and relax, this is where I work my magic. In 6-12 weeks you will receive your museum quality heirloom artwork, hand-delivered to your home or work. Expect a white glove service and education about hanging and displaying your stories.

Images to Cherish
+  Art to Display

Why you need a session now

Are you on the fence about booking a session or wondering if it is the right time in your life? Here's what you should know about what a professional portrait session with Allie will do for you:

allie cline photography new bern havelock morehead greenville wall art blonde boy framed on wall
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Your family will never be the same as it is now; this session will bookmark changes in your family.

Create one of a kind artwork for your home and just about any space.

Serve as a tradition to capture those special reoccurrences and the passing of time.

Remove the stress and hassle of taking your own photos.

Create a bonding experience that you will revere.

Produce wall art that will boost your children's self-esteem.

Capture important milestones and events that you can share with others.

Yield the most thoughtful and unique gifts.

Furnish family heirlooms and keepsakes to pass down for generations.

My Why

When I was growing up, we never had family photos taken. Aside from people snapping disposable cameras or school photos; they were not a priority. Now that I am older, I wish I could have some of those memories with my loved ones that have passed back, and I wish I could have something to show my children when I talk about family members.


Along came digital cameras, followed shortly by camera phones. The idea behind having everything saved digitally was mind-blowing, this new technology was going to solve my problem of never having pictures because it was all going to be there --saved. Boy, did I have no clue! Let me tell you how good those digital pictures from the early to mid 2000s - 10s look now, and this is just 10-20 years ago. Let's just say that there is no way I would even be able to put them on social media with the quality of them compared to today's technology.

And that's the thing. Technology is going to continue to change and expand and what was the standard today will not be good enough tomorrow, and those CDs we have images on, CDs are all but obsolete. Thumb drives? Those will be migrating in the future too. The only true thing that remains are prints. 


So, I do this because I truly believe that we all need tangible photographic art in our lives. Heirlooms to pass on, something to hold onto when the way we envisioned something starts to fade, and to capture moments that we will never have back again. My why was created out of necessity.


My why is my family and my why is you.

allie cline photography fall family photo north carolina
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Why Allie?

With Allie you are going to get only the best and nothing else because you absolutely deserve it.

I am not your average photographer. I am here to provide you more than just some pictures for everyone's feed. 

I don't use filters. I carefully hand edit every image you order so that what you are delivered is genuine photographic art.

I partner with labs and vendors from all over the world to bring you the very best quality. My unique products are not something you can order on your own and you won't be able to find from other photographer's in the area.

The rest is in the experience each time we meet. Are you ready? 


Did I mention that I am a photographer in New Bern, but I am also a Jacksonville Photographer, Greenville Photographer, Morehead City Photographer, Wilmington Photographer, and Raleigh photographer? I travel to locations within 2 hours of New Bern.



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